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This page provides access to the over 10,000 record database that the Society maintains on cemeteries, obituaries, and individuals' death records. The data include much relationship and anecdotal information as well. This data has come to the Society from a variety of sources and individuals over many years; unfortunately very little of it is documented. Consider it good clues to further research.

In the early years of the Society a significant effort was made to discover, clean, and document the many cemeteries in town. Volunteers did their best to clear years of overgrown brush, trees, and weeds to find neglected, buried, and sometimes missing grave markers. Readable inscriptions, including names, dates, epitaphs, and relationships were recorded on the cards which became the source of this database. Rubbings were made where possible. The database eventually was augumented with individuals who had connections with town and are likely to be found in the course of research. Thus you may find some who died and were buried elsewhere, and some who were cremated or offered their bodies for medical research and thus have no burial site.

The data preserved in this database are varied and extensive. Thus you are offered several approaches to it.

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