Stephentown Historical Society

The Stephentown Historical Society, just like most community based groups, is a not-for-profit organization which operates on a very slim budget.  We offer monthly programs, maintain the building to house our activities, archives, and artifacts, and support our volunteers in doing research and providing information from our holdings.  Beyond a grant from the Town, our membership dues, and the sales of publications we must rely on donations to support our service to the community.

To help us preserve the legacy of over two centuries of Stephentown, its people, and its neighbors we need your help in two ways:  1) In acquiring and preserving artifacts and records of our history; and 2) Donations of money.

If you have found useful information while browsing our on-line genealogical and cemeteries databases, please make a donation to help us with the costs of acquiring and computerizing this data. Or if you have called or emailed us and one of our volunteers has found additional data for you (that hasn't been put on line yet) we would also appreciate a donation to support the work of the volunteers who gave their time to help you with your research.
* Mail your donation to: Treasurer, Stephentown Historical Society, P.O. Box 11, Stephentown, NY 12168.

The Society also seeks donations of memorabilia, ephemera, and artifacts that have a relationship to Stephentown and its people.  We must be a bit selective in accepting artifacts as our space is limited, but we particularly welcome books, family Bibles, correspondence, official records, pictures, and family histories.
* Please contact our President or Collections Chairperson.  Contact Info.

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