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The Society has gathered considerable genealogical data from town records, cemetery records, newpaper articles, and items donated to the collections.  Much of this data is in the process of being scanned or typed into computer databases.  We plan to make this data available through this website as soon as it can be converted to Internet accessible formats.  Some of it is already there (see next paragraph), and we are seeking volunteers who own computers and have typing, data entry, and scanning skills to help with this task.

In May 2010 we placed information about approximately 10,000 Stephentown people on this website.  The information is largely derived from a record of graves and deaths which resulted from the Society's work inventorying cemeteries.  A "Cemeteries" file lists approximately 80 cemeteries where Stephentown people are buried, and it links to a separate page for each cemetery giving location data, a picture, and an inventory of Stephentown people buried there.  To find individuals there are two routes, you can start with the cemetery file, then the cemetery inventory, and choose the individual; or you can check the Names Index.  The "Names Index" is a large file listing all 10,000 persons in all known iterations of their name, including nicknames, maiden names, alternative spellings, etc.  Either route will take you to a Grave Record which includes basic data about the individual plus epitaphs and data recorded from grave markers, a growing collection of photographs of cemeteries and grave markers, and a beginning collection of face pictures of the individuals. Some records include additional data, including newspaper articles, town records, and some genealogical research. There are even dog tax records for some people.  We understand that some of this extra data probably doesn't belong in a "Graves Database", but we will let it reside there until we find a better way of providing it to you.

Until all of our data is made available the Genealogy Committee will provide lookup services and do their best to find information in our holdings.  Contact them via Email.  Please be patient, our volunteers try to respond within a week.

"Stephentown Genealogy" is an independently maintained website by Tina Martinson Ordone.  It offers an interesting and eclectic collection of genealogic and historical material.  Visit Tina's WebSite.New Window Icon.

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